Options for the collaboration

We offer you different solutions on how you can work together with us. From the complete outsourcing to schoolings and automations, we will find the best solution for your.

Option 1: Outsourcing

You want to focus on your key competencies and not worry about accounting? No problem, we will take over, so you can focus on the important tasks in your company. Our teams are specialised in this kind of work and will therefor be able to get it done as efficient as possible. When you calculate all the costs properly through, this is usually also the cheapest option.

Option 2: Topal Online-Treuhand

With the software Topal you have a professional accounting software with anytime access. It is also possible to build an interface to other sofware in your company.

Option 3: Online-Accounting for small companies

In addition to the conventional accounting we also offer you an online-accounting. Therefor we work together with Bexio. Bexio is a Swiss startup and offers small companies an extensive business software. We are a certified Bexio accountant and depending on the requirements we can do all the work for you or we can just create the financial statement for you. Really popular are also our private schoolings in Bexio. While working in your accounts you learn how to use Bexio and you learn a lot of accounting knowhow. Feel free to contact us, so we can determine together, if Bexio is an option for you.

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Find more information about Bexio on www.bexio.com



We offer you innovative approaches to work together with us.



We offer competent and neutral advice, supporting you with your business needs with our clear and clear and practical solutions. 


Tax Consultancy

We provide qualified advice on all tax matters. 



As your auditor, we take over a variety of tasks from advising you on selecting the best audit options, to the verification of accounting and financial statements.


Corporate Domiciliation

For national and international companies, we offer representative and official business domiciles. 



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